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Meta IgniteWhat if you could make every workout more effective? What if you could see the weight loss and muscle building results you want, sooner than ever?

Meta Ignite is supposed to help you do that.

Meta Ignite has been designed to amplify your body’s ability to burn fat through thermogenesis. One of the first fat burners to use this method is Phenphedrine. As a top-rated fat burner, Phenphedrine is a highly effective thermogenic. If Meta Ignite uses powerful ingredients like Phenphedrine does, it should be effective.

Meta Ignite Ingredients

The Meta Ignite formula includes:

• Tri-Pepper Blend- contains Caffeine, Capsimax, and Black Pepper. These ingredients are meant to boost thermogenesis, increase metabolism, and give you extra energy.
• Physio Metabolic Pump Blend- contains ResVida Resveratrol, White Willow Bark, and Cinnamon Bark, These ingredients work to increase blood vessel dilation and increase thermogenesis.
• Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer Blend- includes L-Carnitine. This blend is meant to increase metabolism of fatty acids while building more lean muscle and increasing mental clarity.
Meta Ignite also contains a Metabolic Igniter Blend but Meta Ignite doesn’t reveal what is in it.

Meta Ignite does have some good ingredients that should be able to help you burn more fat and calories. But, Meta Ignite doesn’t give us all the information we need.


• Includes some clinically studied ingredients
• May help increase workout intensity and results
• Includes a 30 day money back guarantee


• Complete ingredient list is not disclosed
• Ingredient quantities are unknown
• Very mixed customer reviews


Meta Ignite certainly has some great ingredients in its formula. They have been known to help people burn fat. But the makers of Meta Ignite don’t tell us everything that is going on in their formula. On the official website, Meta Ignite lists only a few ingredients and none of the ingredient doses are shown.

Customer reviews for Meta Ignite are split down the middle. For some people, Meta Ignite gave them everything they expected to get out of it. For others, Meta Ignite didn’t help them lose a lot of weight and it caused side effects like jitteriness and restlessness.

Meta Ignite might get the job done for you, but there are other, more effective fat burners. A first rate example is Phenphedrine. It has several of the top thermogenic ingredients in its formula.

Phenphedrine has clinically proven doses of each ingredient too, which makes it that much more likely to work. Phenphedrine has received hundreds of positive reviews from customers. If they like it, chances are good that you’ll like it too.

We recommend that you give Phenphedrine a try.'s Top-Rated Fat Burner of 2014

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Meta Ignite Customer Reviews

  1. First day use took one pill and saw amazing results, amped up, sweat pouring, feels great so far and being herbal based makes me more comfortable with its use.

    By Joe
    Posted on August 4, 2012 at 4:57 pm

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