Fat Burners Unraveled

Many fitness sites recommend fat burners and they seem to have a list of top ten. But how do they come up with these lists?

Those who are looking for a solution to lose fat may find the information at the very list confusing and at worst dangerous.

To unravel the mysteries, you need to step back and away from the emotional component of weight loss at least for a little while.

Fat loss is part of the science of weight loss with the basis in physics and math. Consumption of calories stores energy. Expenditure of calories converts that energy into heat.

The first undisputed rule of fat loss is to have a deficit. You should through motion burn more calories than you take in.

Following this rule alone will help you lose all the fat you want.

Once this mindset takes hold, then we get into the details that all calories are not the same and not all foods, herbs and supplement work the same way in the body.

Also, not all movements have the same caloric expenditures.

Anyone who has had very spicy food can tell you that they break into a sweat. That sweating is heat generated by the body.

Anyone who has performed high-intensity training can also tell you they break into a sweat. That sweat indicates the body is converting calories into a sweat.

The math of high-intensity training for fat loss far outweighs what happens in the body by eating spicy foods.

The fat burner supplements can only supplement your fat loss activities. They cannot replace them.