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tru hoodia complex Although there are many products available that use Hoodia Gordonii to promote weight loss, NOW Foods claims to have created a potent dietary supplement that supposedly will help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels as well as support healthy thermogenic activity using this unique appetite suppressant. Its name? Tru Hoodia Complex.

With natural ingredients such as Green Tea and chromium, Tru Hoodia Complex claims to help the utilization of protein and fat, so you can maintain a healthy body weight. NOW Foods also claims that the “benefits of the product will best be seen with regular use.”

But will this product really help you to achieve your health goals? We decided to take a closer look at Tru Hoodia Complex in order to see if this product is worth its weight.


Hoodia Gordinii: Out of the dozens of types of hoodia, only Hoodia Gordonii contains the active ingredient p57 (a molecule that affects nerve cells in the hypothalamus which controls hunger cravings) believed to suppress the appetite and promote weight loss. This African cactus was traditionally used by san Bushmen, a very poor tribe, to ward off hunger on long journeys.

Green Tea: Used in Ancient China to treat a wide variety of health ailments (such as arthritis and migraines), Green Tea is a natural stimulant that interacts with your body’s adenosine receptors (neurotransmitters in your brain). When used correctly, Green Tea can provide your body a natural boost in energy and can help you burn more fat while suppressing your appetite.

Chromium: This popular weight loss ingredients is used by the body to balance blood sugar and metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Chromium reduces cravings, improves heart function, and can even help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.


Tru Hoodia Complex appears to be a quality multi-vitamin supplement than contains many healthy and natural ingredients to maintain a slim and trim body. Unfortunately, the ingredients in Tru Hoodia Complex are listed in very small dosages, making them almost ineffective in regards to losing significant amounts of weight.

However, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Tru Hoodia Complex can provide a little extra bounce to your step without the harmful side-effects that are extremely common among weight loss supplements. Tru Hoodia Complex appears to be a safe way to lose weight gradually by working with your body rather than against it.'s Top-Rated Fat Burner of 2014

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